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Write Ideas helps good people doing good things tell their stories. Every business, organisation and group have stories, and people want to hear them. These stories go far beyond what people have to sell.

When businesses show to the world why they do what they do, and let everyone see their uniqueness, their personality, their qualities and what they stand for, this leads to a customer connection beyond a simple transaction. It’s how you tell the story and share the journey that makes a difference.

The value that Write Ideas delivers is fixing the problem many businesses face: time to tell their unique story. These stories are told through blogs, newsletters, feature articles, social media posts and other published material.

Investing in Write Ideas takes the pressure off people and allows them to spend precious time using their talents and skills doing what they love to make their workplace or business more efficient and thrive. This leaves everyone fulfilled, wanting to grow and continuing to have an impact.

Write Ideas is delighted to provide a professional writing and editing service to people and businesses serving their communities with integrity, and fulfilling their purpose. This includes businesses across the natural health and wellbeing sector, small business operators, and individual practices.

Please contact Write Ideas principal writer & editor Simon Crase for more information on how Write Ideas can help you tell your story. Phone 0488 792 366 or email simon@writeideas.com.au.

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  1. Write Ideas is a fabulous new business adjunct, and will be well received in NE Vic and more widely. Your web testimonials will multiply rapidly as businesses and organisations ‘catch on’ to the benefits of your innovative service.

    Sandy Creek

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